Moment | 2 | The Right Thing

Disclaimer:  I do not own the Winchesters or any other characters in the TV Series I however do own the character Faith. 
Word Count:  2860
Characters: Dean, OFC (Faith)
Overall Pairings:  none, but small hint of Dean/Faith
Rating:  PG
Spoilers:  None.  This is a now AU (Alternate Universe) before the last episode of season 3.
Miscellaneous: I'm so confused!

Summary: This was the right thing.  

Faith pressed a towel over his head wiping away some of the blood and cleaning the cuts that covered his handsome face, she repeated the action and slowly peeled off his top. She looked in awe and disgust at the condition of his stomach. The fact that it looking painful was an understatement, it looked excruciating.


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Moment | 1 | The Veil

Disclaimer:  I do not own the Winchesters or any other characters in the TV Series I however do own the character Faith. 
Word Count:  1711
Characters: Dean, Sam, Various Demons
Overall Pairings:  Sam/Jess
Rating:  PG
Spoilers:  None.  This is a now AU (Alternate Universe) because I started this before the end of the series 3.
Miscellaneous: This is the begining of the series Moment. This series is doind to involve ALOT of change.

Summary: Every cloud has a silver lining.

She growled trying desperately to get away from the get away from the demons trap; Dean winked at her before throwing some holy water on her, she let out a scream in pain and glared at him. Slamming a hand towards him as the words began to have a stronger effect over her body.

Dean read the last word of the exorcism and watched as her body lay limp on the floor, demon free. 

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I wrote the first few chapters of this story before the season 3 finally and I am in England so this was started probably on the second episode of Season 3. If it is inaccurate to the events of what happend the following season I apologise, as I still have not watched it ( ITV2s fault not mine, Supernatural was cut off for Britains got talent :( ) 

Anyways, Hopefully the flashbacks in this first one shall be helpful and anything that ou need to be explained should be included in a later chapter if not then send a message or comment and I shall answer it for you. 


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I have 2 stories I hope to be posting by the end of this week, but the story lines mesh.
They are both Supernatural stories but I am slightly unsure about when the second story shall be posted. 
They are both to do with Supernatural but the other is more for my preferance in reality and a certain actor... 

Anyways, I have decided to post the first chapter of Moment (My Supernatural Fic) by this Sunday.
It is pretty long, but I hope to put a introduction and a plot summary before the chapter, so no one gets lost.

I promise by Sunday. 

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Getting to grip

 I am a bit of a idiot and this is my first time actually using LiveJornal to post my stories on since quizilla went bust. But the standard on this website I have to say exceeds the horny and bored teen stories that I am used to reading. Additonally things work easier on this site, so I just want to introduce myself before I actually start writing and start a blog. 

I am Maureen, a girl, who has an age and I watch TV so my stories may been fanfiction or just stories that have come from the deorived depths of my mind. 

My stories should start coming out soon as the majority of them are planned and written and just need to be edited, so that I wont be turned away from this community as a laughing stock. 

Until then, see you soon.

xxxx Sacasim
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